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Facing Shoplifting Charges?

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While shoplifting may seem like a minor offense, you could face heavy fines and even jail time if convicted. Aside from your criminal case, the alleged victim of your shoplifting can even pursue a civil case against you to recover damages. Don't face shoplifting charges by yourself—our Frederick criminal defense attorneys are here to help!

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What penalties can I face?

Shoplifting is considered a theft crime under Maryland law and is defined as the criminal taking and concealing of another's property in order to deprive the rightful owner of it.

Criminal penalties for shoplifting depend on the value of goods stolen:

  • Property worth less than $100: Up to 90 days in jail and $500 in fines
  • Property between $100 and $1,000: Up to 18 months in jail and $500 fine
  • Property worth less than $1,000 with prior convictions: Up to 5 years in jail and $5,000 fine
  • Property between $1,000 and $10,000: Up to 10 years in jail and $10,000 fine

In addition to the fines and penalties, those convicted of shoplifting will be forced to pay the full amount of restitution to the owner of the stolen property.

Depending on the county you live in, you may be able to enroll in a diversion program, particularly if you are a juvenile. Such a program may require you to pay restitution, serve community service, and stay in line with probation. Once completed, your charges could be dropped, preventing them from showing up on your record or impacting you any further.

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Whatever you have been accused of stealing, you are entitled to a legal defense. Our Frederick theft crime lawyer can argue numerous different defenses to ensure your freedom is protected. Whether you didn't realize you had taken the property or had every intention of paying for it, we will make sure your name is cleared or you are given the lightest possible sentence for such charges!

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