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Felony Defense Lawyers In Fredrick

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Felony crimes are quite serious (more so than misdemeanors), and can be punishable by at least one year of imprisonment and even by death. Such crimes are violent and often seriously offensive. Examples include first degree murder, sex crimes, robbery, and weapons charges. It is also important to note that felony crimes can also include white collar crimes and fraud schemes. As of right now, felony charges cannot be expunged. This means that a felony charge will stay on your record and continue to reap negative consequences.

Some other consequences of a felony charge can include:

  • Loss of ability to own a firearm or gun
  • Loss of right to vote
  • Loss of eligibility for certain types of employment
  • Loss of certain housing opportunities
  • Loss of professional licensing and/or certification
  • Loss of eligibility to serve on a jury
  • Loss of eligibility for government assistance (e.g. welfare)

Frederick Criminal Defense Attorneys

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