Assault Crimes in Maryland

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Assault is considered a serious crime in the State of Maryland and is associated with harsh penalties. These crimes concern causing physical harm to another person, displaying intent to cause physical harm, or, in some cases, offensive physical contact or intentionally frightening a citizen. Depending on the circumstances, these crimes are either felonies or misdemeanors, but all call for deft criminal defense representation to minimize or dismiss harsh penalties.

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Types of Assault & Their Penalties

State crime statutes define assault several different ways and even include numerous related crimes. Many of these classifications are dependent on circumstances of the incident.

Some of the most common types of assault include:

  • First degree assault: Concerns instances of firearms, intentional and attempted harm
  • Second degree assault: Concerns instances of offensive or unwanted physical contact
  • Assault of law enforcement/correctional officer: Concerns harm/contact of these workers
  • Reckless endangerment: Concerns irresponsible actions that unintentionally cause harm

Penalties for these crimes vary. First degree assault is a felony that can include up to 25 years in prison and second degree assault is a misdemeanor that can include up to 10 years in prison.

Knowing what kind of penalties you face due to your assault charge can be complex to figure out. For more definitive information on Maryland's assault statutes, contact a Frederick County criminal defense attorney from our firm.

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