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Feb 25, 2015 |
Client's rating: 5 of 5

“From the first phone call to our last communications with your office, it has been a true professional and personal pleasure working with you. Although the circumstances weren't the greatest surrounding why we had to meet, you were there for my family and myself. Your staff was always a delight to talk with and prompt with information. When we had to travel the almost 3 hours for the court date, you made sure that, upon our arrival, everything was ready and taken care of. The leg-work with the justice system and the courts helped to make our day easier. You went out of your way to make sure that the case and all the details were prepared and that no surprises were around any corner. I can't thank you enough for all you and your staff did. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.”

Aug 20, 2014 |
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Sometimes life can bring unexpected challenges that call for legal advice and navigation of the court system. We found ourselves in one of those challenges this year. Bryon Black successfully helped us through the questions and delays that we encountered in the Court system. He was always prompt and courteous in returning our calls or e-mails, and encouraging during the times we had to wait. I would highly recommend Schaffer & Black P.C.

Aug 20, 2014 |
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I recently needed to try to clear a legal issue that happened nearly 40 years ago but was having a negative effect on my job now. A good friend recommended I contact Bryon Black of the firm Schaffer, Black & Flores. When we had our initial consultation Bryon was straight forward and honest. He told me he thought he could take care of this issue but could not guarantee it. We also discussed the retainer fee which I felt was a little high but Bryon explained the per hour charges and that if any money would be left at the end I would receive it as a refund. Bryon gave me first class legal advice and kept me informed as he personally worked my case. He even offered for me to do some of the legal research which was simple enough but would have required me to spend several hundred dollars if he were to do it. After several months I had my day in court and Bryon was by my side. Everything went as he had explained it would and my life will forever be changed for the better. A stupid mistake made by a young person that had poor representation 40 years before had now been resolved. Bryon Black is an outstanding attorney that I find to be honest, straightforward, hard working and fair. If I ever need legal advice again of any kind I won't think twice about who to contact. I strongly recommend if you need legal service and want to know for a fact you are getting the best representation available contact the firm of Schaffer & Black P.C.. Oh, and not only did Bryon take care of my legal issue, I received a few hundred dollar refund when we were finished. I will always be grateful to Bryon Black and the legal team at Schaffer & Black P.C.